Posts for 26th December 2023
Jazzy Jeff

Remember! A  forgery isn’t just for Christmas. It is a forgery every day of the years. From JAZZY JEFF December

26th December 2023

Waste your pocket money on this waste of space from BD MEMORABILIA October 2023

8th October 2023

No fears this is a geuine forgery from DARKFEARS September 2023

20th September 2023

Forgerydirect from SALESDIRECT September 2023

20th September 2023

Whoever paid $266 for this piece of junk.. return to seller bcd 2525 IMMEDIATELY! July 2022

2nd July 2022
Scmere -27

Who just ruined their “100% positive Feedback”? SCMERE-27 March 2022

12th March 2022

The worst part from BESTPART January 2022

6th January 2022

Two for the price of two. Both worthless cj61c48 January 2022

6th January 2022

They don’t mention my name in their ad, Perhaps because that’s not my autograph. Shame! SILENT _ 1115 December 2021

24th December 2021
Prop Store

Oh dear! There I am – not – lurking in the shadows… At least one forgery on an item with

22nd November 2021
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