28th November 2022
Hello and welcome to my under-construction site. I’m so sorry  that we haven’t be able to meet for quite a while. But that is changing.  After a really terrific, thrilling time in exotic Tokyo, join me in…. Manchester… this weekend. And then in… Vancouver! If you can’t make it, you could always distract yourself by reading my book, I AM C-3PO – THE INSIDE STORY, available on Amazon and by listening to me and JJ reading it on AUDIBLE.
And you can join me on Instagram @Anthonydanielsofficial – and be part of the fun on Twitter. Either way, you are very welcome in my corner of cyberspace.
PS As mentioned here on The Dark Side forgeries page, my autograph is not available from this site. But you can visit www.officialpix.com and be sure of the genuine article.


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