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Should these forgeries ever be delivered through the postal system “MIROB” Could end up in jail for MAIL FRAUD (They

26th June 2020
The Wonder Column 1

 At a recent Q&A, a highly intelligent member of Star Wars fandom asked me whether or not The Wonder Column

16th June 2016
The Wonder Column is born – An Interview with The Star Wars Insider 1995

Many years ago now, I spent some hours talking to ace reporter Kevin Stevens. He’d been asked by The Star

23rd May 2016
Titan 1 – A Long Time Ago…

Autumn 1996. One of the brightest stars in the world of British publishing, Marcus Hearn, overcome with jealousy over the

14th April 2001
Titan 2 – Filming in Tunisia I

Well this did look good. This was glamour. A colonnaded palace in burning white, gardened by exotic plants and azure

2nd September 2000
Titan 3 – Filming in Tunisia II

FILMING IN TUNISIA II Tozeur is an oasis. Now I’ve seen those beer ads. I know what an oasis is.

2nd September 1999
Titan 4 – Filming in Tunisia III

FILMING IN TUNISIA III “From here, we’re on foot.” I’d sort of gathered that might be the case, since even

2nd September 1998
Titan 5 – Filming in Tunisia IV

FILMING IN TUNISIA IV Sun rise in Mos Eisley Few have thrilled to that experience. Few have wanted to. But

2nd September 1997
Titan 6 – Filming in Tunisia V

A lie-in It had been a while. The occasional sunrise can be spectacular. A succession is exhausting. We had seen

2nd September 1996
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