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"I think it is a shame that they cut that very cool scene in Attack Of The Clones where C-3PO finally get dressed by Padmé (he is very lucky I guess)" - Kris Van de Sande

Most people think they get lucky if they get un dressed! -AD

"Since C-3PO was created on Tatooine, how in the world could he ask Luke in Ep:IV that he wasn't sure what planet he was on? Was there some sort of a memory wipe out? And also, did you notice that C-3PO never see's Darth Vador eye to eye?" - Shawn, Canada

Soon all will be revealed. Or Not. And many people don’t see eye to eye with Vader. And not just because he’s tall. -AD

"One of my pieces had been recognized on your web page. You are calling it a forgery and posting it for everyone to see. This is perfectly OK with me if it is fake then please feel free to let people know. My only question why am I the last one to know about it? I bought that piece (and others) from what I thought was a honest dealer. It seems I have been scammed and I have removed all the items and will be going back to the individual and demanding refunds. It is 100% my fault I should have researched better. I m a member and the UACC and I take this business very seriously and I don't think that what you are doing is very fair. I think at least you should inform the seller and see if action is taken to remove the item, if the seller doesn't then you can feel free to smear their name all you want. In my case you poke fun at the fact that I have more Star Wars figurines for sell with a smart little remark afterwards. I can assure you I watched them all get signed with my own eye. I have made a mistake and for that I am sorry. My intention isn't to mislead or cheat anyone. This business is built on trust and I trusted an unworthy dealer. I am very sorry for this and it won't happen again." - Your old friend. Andy AKA Amazing Autographs

We are “calling it a forgery” because it is. But I suppose your question is mine too. Why are you “the last one to know,” that it is a forgery? Because, if you take your role as seriously as you suggest, then shouldn’t you be the first to know? I’m not happy that you feel it’s unfair to advertise your sale of a fake without us going through the further effort and time to contact you and argue the point, possibly with nothing but a useless rebuttal. It takes enough time and resources to police the scams in the first place, even with the help of so many concerned fans. Might you, as a regular dealer, owe an obligation of due diligence to your clients who trust you on the good provenance of your sales? As for poking fun and smart remarks, perhaps bearing the sword of truth, you imply from membership of an association, is putting yourself on a pedestal at which snowballs might legitimately be aimed.
Your honest confession of your own 100% fault proves the worthlessness of such membership, at least as far as authentication standards go. I’m just showing my caring for innocent fans who might otherwise be duped by unscrupulous dealers, of which there seem to be so many. Look at the wide range of penmanship on the Darkside. It smears the whole fun of collecting as a hobby.
But I do believe that you are not someone who would deliberately cheat; though perhaps the sin of omission, in not checking the facts, is a sin of commission in thus perpetuating a lie. That said, I hope sincerely you wont be offended in keeping your name on the site, with a suitable – non smart – comment, to warn others who, like yourself, might be taken in by the cheats? Perhaps you could even join the team and expose the real wrongdoers. In which case, I would like to believe we could indeed go forward as “old friends.” -AD

"Are you ever planning to return to the insider? Shortly after the WC stopped, they ran several issues with statements that you would return with the WC after the prequels were finished. Has the changeover between their managements interfered? That's why I subscribed in the first place." - Chuckles

I wrote the Wonder Column long time ago when the Insider was edited by the mighty Dan Madsen who has since gone from the moon of ewoks to deal with the world of orcs. (I’m not sure about either species myself.) Now the excellent, edited by the brilliant and inventive Paul Ens, assisted by the equally astounding Pablo Hidalgo, is the place to find what most fans are looking for. Of course you can still read the back issues of the WC in the Writings pages of this site. Read and marvel. -AD

"I enjoy reading your recollections on your site. Most actors, I think, would get bored of a movie they did last week, not to mention twenty-plus years ago. But not you, and I find that truly refreshing. Also I have noticed that C3PO's voice in Episodes 1 and 2 is higher in pitch than in 4, 5, or 6. Is this a consequence of your aging, or are you actively trying to modify the voice in some way?"

The rather good thing about writing something down is that it endures on its own. If I had to read my recollections aloud every time a fan tuned to the website I’d be as mad as a Rancor’s lunch box. As for the voice. A machine is a machine but as they get older and worn (rather like humans) the make different noises. Some of course are beyond discussion (you must ask Ja-Ja about those kinds) but others make sense, as bones or gears or vocal chords or sound emitting diaphragms get dried up and worn out. I decide that the young Threepio might legitimately sound a little brighter in pitch. We already know how he sounds in later years. And what’s this “your aging” thing? Just you watch your language! -AD

"I am a rather uniquely sized stormtrooper (5'11, 148 lbs) in the 501st Legion, and I'm very curious to know how many pieces your C-3PO costume is comprised of. And can you describe the process in which the costume is put on? If I ever have the opportunity to create and wear a protocol droid costume for charity functions, the information would be invaluable." - Keith Abbott

Does size still matter after the Princess’s cutting remark to the tousle-haired blond all those years ago? I am an honorary member of various platoons of the 501st and no one worries about my shape. But getting into my costume is something else. I think it’s in seventeen pieces but I can’t remember if I’m including myself. I shall check next time I have the pleasure, which looks like early 2005. Will it be the last? Anyway. Why would you ever consider going anywhere dressed as a protocol droid? Not the easiest costume to wear to a party and anyway (again) you’d need to ask Don Bies to go along to help. I always do. -AD

"Sir Anthony! Yes, I address you as the true knight you are in my eyes! In your shining armor, forever on your quest to quell those petty so-called autograph-dealers who lure fans worldwide of their hard-earned cash with a fake copy of your John Hancock. I pity the fools out there who think they can meddle with the dark side and Get away with it. It is a stinking business they're in, one that sadly undermines one of the greatest hobbies on this planet! I take this opportunity to give you some words of wisdom from Henrik Ibsen: "One should never put on one's best trousers to go out to battle for freedom and truth." Forever in endless support of your great and important quest," - Geir J. Olsen, Norway

I am pleased and honoured by your support. Thank you. Is your friend Ibsen a Star Wars fan too? -AD

"I just watched the "C-3PO: His Moment to Shine" web documentary, and I enjoyed your warm reminisces. It's clear that you truly do have a warm love of your character, and as a lifelong fan, I wanted to thank you personally. There are too many actors who just go through the motions -- your warm embrace of C-3PO always comes through, and your spirit is a bright beacon in the cold of the Star Wars universe." - Adam Houhoulis, New York

Perhaps the people you should really admire are the webdoc’s director, Tippy Buskin and her editor, Duncan Sinclair. They wove my words into a piece that seems to have touched the hearts of so many fans. Thank you for your thanks and thanks to all the others who thanked me. ( This is beginning to sound like an Oscar speech so I wont thank anyone else today.) But I am fond of Threepio. And I will treasure your last comment. Thank you. Damn! I said I wouldn’t do that! -AD

"Thank you for connecting to your fans. We really appreciate that one of our idols will actually listen to our opinion. Will we ever discover the backstory for the silver shin?" - LoserkidBXCR

As you may have gathered from all the fluff that is surrounding Episode III, Threepio is, for the first time, completely gold from knee to foot. I believe this is in honour of the expensive carpets in Miss Padme’s bedroom and the rather elegant designs of her more public areas. I hope that remark isn’t open to misinterpretation. And now I come to think about it, in Ep II, her bedroom had the privacy of Penn Bus Station. Oh well. Actually, Threepio was always slightly embarrassed not to be perfectly formed so it’s a topic of conversation best not attempted. Artoo likes to talk about stuff like that. -AD

"Thanks for the inspiration and unforgettable memories you've displayed through the character of C-3PO. During my hardest of days... popping in any of the SW flicks and watching any C-3PO never fails to bring a welcome smile on my face and a well-needed reminder that there's always enough love and hope to keep me afloat. I became teary-eyed and utterly moved after watching the webdoc. Your comments on what C-3PO has brought to the saga, and this being the final SW film, really hit me in the gut." - Steve H (U.K)

It is a slightly odd to think that I have done my last take as C-3PO in a Star Wars film. The fact that I did it alone, walking along a piece of blue carpet, talking to R2 who wasn’t there, was merely business as usual. I’d rehearsed, pulling along the studio vacuum cleaner for company!  But I’m glad you appreciate the webdoc It’s less gung-ho than the usual but that is perhaps no bad think. Sometimes the pace of SW related material can be rather intense. I’m happy to hear from a fan who doesn’t always want to hear the whirr of light sabres. It’s someone like you who makes the whole thing worthwhile for me. And don’t worry, I suspect Threepio may return in some guise or other before long but before that, EpIII. I hope you enjoy it. And it’s fine that it has all finished. It’s been a long time. Thank you for being there. -AD

"I have read my name under the "The Dark Sides" on their home page. I insist on it this out immediately take her away from my names since I am not a swindler. I have this for it has this one guaranteed it to me bought by one for himself around one a real autograph acts." - At Ebay of the seller zhadum11

Pardon? -AD

"In Episode 3 will Anakin give Threepio his gold covering or will he be spending too much time going to the dark side and slaughtering the Jedi? And the last time we saw Artoo and Threepio was when they were left behind at the Geonosian arena. What happened to them before Anakin and Padme's wedding?" - Eli aka Darth Small

Well there’s always a lot of slaughtering to be done in Ep III if you really want to gain an All Areas Pass to the Dark Side. However Threepio has never looked so perfect, as he would happily admit, so someone does something right somewhere.
As for the time before the nuptials; have you any idea how long it took to get the arena sand out of Threepio’s parts (especially the ones that weren’t showing) – to say nothing of my own! Then there was the dress to order and the cake, the gift list and the invitations, booking the church and the priest, the photographer. Well I think you can imagine it was a very exhausting time for Threepio, since Mrs Amidala wasn’t around and he was basically the bride’s mother, which makes a kind of sense when it was his daddy who was saying ‘I do’. And Artoo, of course, was busy practising being a bridesmaid. He never did get it right. He and Threepio are still finding confetti in the strangest places. -AD

"I was curious about one fact from AOTC. When Anakin goes back to find Shmi, he discovers from Watto that he sold her to Lars. When he visits the Lars homestead, we already see Owen, in his apparent teens with Beru. Anakin had made a comment about not seeing Amidala for 10 years. Is there something I'm missing? Is this another behind the scenes bit that the viewer doesn't know about?" - Teri Lintl

Sorry! No idea. I only watch the bits I’m in. Sometimes, of course, I’m in bits in bits. -AD

"Kudos for displaying forged signatures and their sellers on your site. That's an excellent idea. As a huge Star Wars fan and collector, I really appreciate resources like this. Keep up the great work." - Dave

Kudos to you for being a huge Star Wars fan, who appreciates my efforts -AD

"I was surprised to find your name in the Lord of the Rings (1978). What do you think of the actor reprising your role, Orlando Bloom?" - N. Lobo, London

I was delighted that his performance clearly echoed many of the artistic nuances that so inflected my own. Orlando has clearly learned most of his craft from following my work and I think he may have a career as an actor of some kind. His interesting decision, in the role of Legolas, was not to play it as a brunette, as did I, but as a blond. I have never played a blond, even in a cartoon.
Now, of course, I play a grey. -AD

"When I pass by a dome-topped trash recepticle, I sometimes will stop beside it and assume the famous "C3PO standing beside R2 with his hand on R2's head" pose. I then will ask my companion, "Who am I". Could be a good trick you could try." - Randal and Emily Ray

Under certain circumstances, the answer to, ‘Who am I?’ could be, ” You are Under Arrest!” Be careful. -AD

"When In the scenes were you are traveling in Solo's ship, is the movement of the ship made by a special simulator or is it just the camera playing tricks?" - Peter R Griffin

The cockpit was a hi-tech special simulator made of two scaffold poles and four strong stagehands. The poles passed under the set, which was constructed on raised base, and the four guys jumped up and down on them. It all looked very silly. Until you saw the movie. -AD

"I was recently alerted that my autographed poster was listed on your site as being a forgery. Whilst I acknowledge that I cannot verify the authenticity of the item, I bought the item from an autograph dealer in the US believing it to be real. So I have no choice but to sell having bought it in faith to be geniune. It deeply hurts me that you have decided to put the offending matter on your website. My only wish is that you take it off your website because not only is it damaging to my reputation as a seller on ebay but now my respect for the actor himself, Anthony Daniels, as I WAS a loyal fan of the original Star Wars trilogy. Thanks" - Nathan (space*monkey)

It deeply hurts me, not only to lose your respect – though quite why you should have that reaction, I’m not sure – but that fans are sold pieces of junk, like the one in question on The Darkside of this site. I assume that you have informed the person to whom, according to eBay, it appears you passed on this worthless autograph, in all innocence, that you now know it to be a fake and are happy – whilst not ecstatic – to return any monies they may have passed to you. In case you’ve forgotten, they are called Bertie Turn 2. Might I then suggest that you go, COA in hand, and demand the return of the sum you originally paid to the person who, in all innocence, sold the offending item to you in the first place. Please write and tell us what happens. I am sorry that you have been the victim of this crime and believe that you should not be offended by sharing your experience with others as a warning to them. -AD

p.s. I was rather surprised that you are still trying to pass on your expensive mistakes to unsuspecting fans some months after this correspondence. Never forget, you have a choice. It seems to me that you are still making the wrong one – possibly not something a “loyal fan” would do. No thanks.

"I'm am gutted (that he has bought a bunch of fake autographs)... but not surprised after reading your website. I've spent so much time and money in buying these items. And felt that I've been asking the right questions and getting (what I believed to be) the right answers. I feel such a fool. I really believed I was spending money on some quality Star Wars memorabilia. This news really could quite easily spoil the star wars magic...except I believe the force is stronger than the dark side! All of the posters came with a lifetime guarantee...I know that means nothing by law...but it means everything to their reputation. Especially to the company who I haven't left ebay feedback to, yet! I will also report them all to ebay and threaten them with fraud prosecution. All the best - your work and efforts have saved so many of us "gullible" fans." - Richard

You are not a fool and the Star Wars magic is far bigger than the cheap cheats will ever be. Respect for othersand indeed self respect isn’t strong in them, but the Force will be with you always – through the enduring magic that really isStar Wars. -AD

"I want to support your actions for listing false eBay auctions. I think the buyer beware should be noted to all that buy over the Internet. I'm sorry to state that I do not own any autographs per-say of one of the greatest characters in SWars (C3PO), or any other stars. But my point still stands and I support you. I think it is important for those who have purchased fakes to be notified in someway. Thanks again." - Chris

NOT own an Anthony Daniels autograph! If it were not for the rest of your letter I would have thought you were totally lacking in sense, taste and perception. However, reading on, I find that your judgment is outstanding. Thank you for your support -AD