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18th August 2019

Hello and welcome to my under-construction site…

I hope we’ll be meeting at ComiCon – Antwerp in September and at Dallas Fan Days in October. I hope too, that you’ll be reading my book “I AM C-3PO – The inside storybeing published 31st October in the UK. Try https://geni.us/AnthonyDaniels . Or if you’re really keen, you could come to The South Bank on the Sunday before that and spend an evening hearing me talk about it all, as part of the London Literature Festival. (You’d have a chance to buy an advance copy, too – though it’s not actually a signing event). If none of the above, you can still be part of the fun on Twitter (113,049 aliens and humans can’t all be wrong?).
Till we meet in person, you are very welcome in my corner of cyberspace.


PS As mentioned here on The Dark Side, my autograph is not available from this site. It’s for entertainment only. Well…



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